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Personal Loan

Personal Loan Application

Before you start, please read the following first:

Application requirements

Personal Loan - Fixed Installment
  • Total loans up to Rp 150 million, taken at a time.
  • Periodic payments ranging from 1 to 5 years.
  • The number of loans transferred to your account at another bank.
  • Tenor 4 and 5 years only applies to employees with net income of at least 5 million / month.
Personal Loan - Standby Cash
  • Total loans up to Rp 100 million, funds can be withdrawn any time through the cashier at Standard Chartered Bank branches or through the ATM network and Standard Chartered Bank ATM Bersama network.
  • Loan tenor is 1 year and renewable.
  • The number of loans transferred to your account at another bank.
  • The minimum payment is 10% of monthly charges or minimum Rp 50.000, - (whichever is greater).
General Requirement PL
1. Indonesian citizen, aged between 21-60 years
2. Employees, self-employed or professional
3. Domicile and working in Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Semarang, Yogya, Solo, Bali, Makassar, Palembang, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Pekanbaru and Batam.
4. Have worked at least for 1 year or have their own business for 2 years.
5. Standard Chartered Bank may offer at any time other special KTA program.
Documents Requirement
Required Documents Employee Self-employed Professional
Copy of ID Card/Permit & Passport
Copy of Personal Tax ID*
Copy of Other Bank Credit Card**
Copy of Other Bank CC Billing Statement***
Copy of Savings Account Front Cover
Copy of SIUP/SITU/License & Certificate of Business Establishment
*) Only for limit above or equal to 50 Million Rupiah
**) Minimum membership is 12 months with minimum limit of 3,5 million Rupiah
***) Depends on the chosen program

| 1. Personal Details

Personal Details

Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk *
Full Name *
as per ID card without abbreviation
Place of Birth *
Date of Birth *
Gender *
Marital Status *
ID Number *
ID Expiry Date *
Personal Tax ID Number
Compulsory if Total Loan in SCB ≥ Rp 50 Million
Number of Dependents *
Education *
Current Residential Address *
RT *
RW *
District *
Sub District *
City *
Please Specify *
Postal Code *
Home Phone *
Mobile Phone *
E-mail Address *
Home Ownership *
Number of Years in the Current Address *   
Mother's Maiden Name *

Reference Details

Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk *
Full Name *
Address *
City *
Please Specify *
Postal Code *
Home Phone *
Business Phone
Mobile Phone *
Relationship to Applicant *
Please Specify *

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| 2. Occupational Details

Income and Occupational Details

Profession Type *
Name of company *
Company Address *
Sub District *
District *
City *
Please Specify *
Business Phone *
Postal Code *
Nature of business *
Number of employee
Government Related *
Designation *
Echelon/ Rank *
Years on current Job *   
Monthly Net Income *
Department *
Direct Manager's Name *
Name of Previous Company *
Previous Company Business Phone *
Years on Job in Previous Company *   
% of Ownship *
Net Income/month *
Business Establishment Date *
Business License Number *
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| 3. Loan/Credit Card

Loan Facility

Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk *
Loan Type *
Facility Type *
Tenor *
Loan Requested *
Max loan amount approved is 6X of submitted credit card limit
Loan Purpose *

Credit Card Data

Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk *
Bank Name *
Please Specify *
Card Number *
Member Since *
Credit Limit *
Outstanding Limit *
Name *

Account Transfer Request

Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk *
Beneficiary Name *
Disbursement Account should be under applicant’s name and should be the same with the name on the passbook
Beneficiary Account Number *
Bank Name *
Please Specify *
Branch *
City *
Please Specify *
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| 6. Preview



By signing this application form I declare to Standard Chartered Bank:

1. All of the information, including My specimen signature is complete and correct and I do not conceal the real facts. Any alteration of the information must be immediately notified to the Standard Chartered Bank in writing.

2. I agree that all information and documents that I have given to or obtained by Standard Chartered Bank from any party belongs to Standard Chartered Bank and those can not be returned to me.

3. I authorize the Standard Chartered Bank:

   a. To check all the information in any manner whatsoever and contact to any available sources.
   b. To give information of My Personal Data including hand phone numbers and / or electronic mail addresses to third parties as part of business activities of Standard Chartered Bank.

4.Standard Chartered Bank has absolute discretion to reject this application without assigning any reason to Me, and all submitted documents can not be returned to Me.

5. I am bound by general terms and conditions of Standard Chartered Bank, its current as well as thereafter amendment that would be notified through phone or mail or SMS / Short Messaging Service.

6. I certify that this credit facility is for consumptive purposes only.

7. Interest Rate, Annual Fee and all applicable fees are shown in Important Information Sheet.

8. Limit of Loan:

Requested Loan Amount Approved Loan Amount Remarks
100%100%Loan application will be approved and I/we will be imposed a penalty upon cancellation of 100% credit disbursement
100%<40%Before the application is approved, Standard Chartered will seek for my prior confirmation. Cancellation after confirmation of my approval, will be imposed penalty.
100%40% - <100%Loan application will be approved by Standard Chartered Bank. I will not be imposed penalty if notice of cancellation is sent at least 7 (seven) calendar days after Standard Chartered Bank notified loan disbursement.
100%>100% - <=150%

9. For fixed installment, Standard Chartered Bank will transfer the loan to an account number as mentioned in My application.

10. I am aware of all risks pertaining to this product.

11.If at any time, I apply to request an additional amount of credit limit, then I agree to treat My confirmation given through e- mail, SMS, fax, phone recording or other means of communication will be considered as My signature.