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With increasing popularity, warrants offer a significant contribution to the trading volume in the stock market. The price fluctuation of a warrant may further affect the price movement of its underlying stock. Knowing more about the characteristics of warrants may help you better understand the warrant price and the stock market movement, as well as manage your own equity investment portfolio.

Standard Chartered Wealth Management presents you the following investment educational course: "Knowing more about Warrants & its application". This course will help deepen your understanding on the characteristics of warrants, including the factors to consider when choosing a warrant, the risk involved as well as how warrants can be used to manage equity investment portfolio.

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Course Name:
Knowing more about Warrants & its application
10 March 2011 (Thursday)
2011年3月10日 (星期四)
7:00pm to 8:00pm (Registration starts at 6:45pm)
晚上7時至8時 (晚上6時45分開始登記入座)
30/F, Standard Chartered Bank Building,
4-4A Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
[MTR Central Station – Exit K]
Target Audience:
With experience in Equity and Warrants Investment (Aged 18 or above)
適合有股票及窩輪投資經驗之人士 (18歲或以上)

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10 March 2011 (Thursday) [Course: Knowing more about Warrants & its application]
2011年3月10日 (星期四) [ 課程 – 窩輪入門及應用]

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