Online credit card application - Member-Get-Member program
For your information before you begin:
1. You must be a resident of Hong Kong to apply
2. You will be required to submit documents in support of your application.
3. Please fill in the form in English
4. Your have to read and agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions contained in this application form and the Terms and Conditions for Standard Chartered Credit Card(s) Application.
Referee’s Information
To be eligible for the Referral Incentive, please provide Referee's valid Standard Chartered / MANHATTAN Credit Card Number (16-digit*). Please refer to Terms & Conditions for details.
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*For Standard Chartered American Express® Card, please add "0" before the credit card number.
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More InfoStandard Chartered Credit Card
1. Annual income requirement for Platinum Card/Gold Credit Card is HK$150,000/HK$60,000 respectively.
2. Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the "Bank") reserves the right to treat a Platinum Card application as a Gold Card application as the Bank sees fit.
3. The Bank reserves the right to pass this application to another group company of Standard Chartered Bank for applying for a card product made available by that other group company as the Bank sees fit.
4. The Bank may adjust the credit limit of any of your credit cards issued by the Bank in connection with your application, its approval or any subsequent application or approval, if any as we deem it necessary.
5. Terms and Conditions apply.
6. Each successful principal card applicant will only be entitled to one welcome gift regardless of the number of application submitted.
7. Cardholder will receive the welcome gift upon fulfillment of the spending requirement. No change will be accepted.
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